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Amid SIM registration brouhaha, probe on Grab MC taxi spam texts sought

A network of digital advocates is asking for an investigation on spam texts sent out by the Grab-owned motorcycle taxi company Move It.

In a letter to the National Telecommunications Commission and the National Privacy Commission, Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo asked the NTC and the NPC to investigate after their group received numerous reports of spam texts to motorcycle taxi riders, inviting them to apply as motorcycle taxi riders. 

“With the government’s campaign against the proliferation of spam and scam texts, companies using these practices should be held accountable. It is unacceptable that they are capitalizing on the scourge that the government and the public has been trying to eradicate.” 

It can be recalled that the Senate Committee on Public Services led by Senator Grace Poe recently held a hearing after cases of spam and scam texts spiked despite the enactment of the SIM registration law. Digital Pinoys sought for the review of the law and an audit on the SIM registration process. 

Gustilo added that the Grab-owner motorcycle taxi company should cooperate with the authorities and immediately cease from sending out unwanted text messages to motorcycle taxi company. 

“Based on the complaints of the riders, it is clear that that the riders were unaware as to why they received text messages and that they did not want to. Clearly, Move It is breaching their privacy and they should explain as to how they were able to get hold of the data that they used.”

Gustilo also urged the Grab-owned MC taxi firm to disclose as to how they got hold of the mobile numbers of motorcycle taxi riders as the recipients are claiming that they have not transacted with Move It. 

“Move It should explain as to how they were able to specifically target motorcycle taxi riders as conversations in motorcycle taxi group posts indicate that many recipients did not have any transaction with them. We find it suspicious that Move It was able to send an invitation via text specifically to motorcycle taxi riders.”

Copy of the letter to the NTC and NPC and a screenshot of the Move It spam text is available here: