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House urged to probe rising number of MC taxi accidents, traffic violations

In a hearing held Tuesday at the House of Representatives, a network of digital advocates urged the House Committee on Metro Manila Development to probe the rising number of accidents involving motorcycle taxi riders.

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that the rising number of accidents involving riders from Grab-owned motorcycle taxi firm Move It is alarming and should be investigated and penalized as soon as possible to ensure the safety of commuters. 

“Almost every day, we see new incidents being posted in various social media platforms, and it’s very alarming that it seems that Move It is not even taking responsibility. That’s why we are urging Congress to investigate and their findings be included in their decision regarding the pilot program.”

During the hearing of the House Committee on Metro Manila Development, Gustilo presented a compilation of accidents and violations committed by Move It, including the infamous EDSA busway incident where a Move It rider illegally traversed the EDSA busway and tried to evade apprehension. Traffic enforcers from the Metro Manila Development Authority were almost run over by the rider, endangering the passenger and other road users at that time.  Also included in the compilation is the road rage incident in Bonifacio Global City where a Move It rider stabbed a cyclist and the fatal accident in Cebu City where both the rider and his passenger passed away after they were involved in an accident.

“The safety of the passengers should not he compromised and should be of paramount concern of all stakeholders. The accidents and the issue regarding the exemption from skills assessment of riders pirated from rival motorcycle taxi firms is not coincidental. Move It has repeatedly endangered its passengers and should be punished with suspension or revocation of its accreditation.”

Move It overboarding questioned

Gustilo also asked the Committee on Metro Manila Development to investigate the ongoing onboarding activities of Move It after the LTFRB said that the allocation of all motorcycle taxi participants is filled up. 

“During the previous hearing regarding the motorcycle taxi pilot program, LTFRB said that the allocations are all filled up. Yet Move It has been continuously holding onboarding activities. LTFRB needs to disclose if any of the players have exceeded their allocation.”

Committee Chairperson Rep. Rolando Valeriano of the Second District of Manila ordered Gustilo to submit the compilation and the LTFRB to respond on the issue. ###