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Probe sought on Move It operation in Cebu

Digital advocates urged the technical working group of the motorcycle taxi pilot program to disclose if they have awarded  allocation for motorcycle taxi company Move It in Cebu City. 

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that In a post in its Facebook page, Move It announced that passengers can book motorcycle taxis via their kiosks in several malls in Cebu city. Move It was not awarded any allocation by the previous TWG body. 

“The MC taxi TWG should clarify if they have given pilot study allocation in Cebu City for Move It. If not, they should immediately issue a cease and desist order to stop the operation of Move It in Cebu and penalize them for the infraction.”

Gustilo said that operating without allocation from the motorcycle taxi technical working group is tantamount to operating without a valid franchise. In a hearing of the Committee on Transportation of the Senate of the Philippines, it was found out that Maxim was illegally operating in Cebu City. The erring company was shutdown by authorities.

“If there is no allocation for Move It in Cebu City, they should also be shut down like Maxim. Although they have allocation in Metro Manila, they cannot just operate anywhere else outside of what was allowed by the government.” 

Gustilo said that the TWG should immediately look into this matter as the safety of the commuters and the integrity of the TWG is at stake if they allow erring companies to operate outside of what is being allowed by the government. 

“The safety of the commuters should be the paramount concern of the TWG. Hence, immediately acting on this matter is important. Furthermore, if indeed Move It does not have any allocation and the TWG allows it to continue operating in areas where they are not allowed, it sends the wrong message to the public that erring entities can still operate, even without the necessary permits and approval from the government.”###