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Digital advocates lament poor Shopee customer support

Digital advocates blasted today an online shopping platform for its poor customer support. 

Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said that social media posts from numerous customers of Shopee have been circulating online, most of them complaining that the e-commerce platform customer support is poor. 

“Many customers are complaining that Shopee declined to issue refunds to customers despite being able to show proof that either the items they received were damaged or different or the customers did not receive the items at all.”

Gustilo said that some customers are now opting to discontinue using Shopee for failure to provide protection to consumers from sellers that have been shipping items that are damaged or not working and different as to what was advertised.

“If Shopee will continously ignore the complaints, they may see a massive exodus of customers soon. Customer support is very important in choosing which online shopping platform will be used often by shoppers.”

Gustilo said that beleaguered online shoppers can file a complaint to the Department of Trade and Industry. Gustilo is also urging the DTI to expedite the resolution of the complaints from online shoppers. 

“Online shoppers who have been already victimized by the online shopping platform’s poor customer service can file a complaint to DTI. We urge DTI to expedite the resolution of the complaints and impose penalties to shopping platforms with repeat offenses of selling damaged goods and giving poor customer support. The consumers deserve better.”